Ana Obregón: Luxurious La Moraleja Home for Living with Granddaughter Ana Sandra


A House Full of Meaning

For more than 20 years, Ana Obregón has been living in her house in La Moraleja, a place to which she is very attached for family reasons. And it is that her father, Antonio García, who passed away a few months ago, was the main builder of what once was the most exclusive urbanization in Madrid. Today La Moraleja is still one of the favorite options of the famous, for the privacy offered by its large houses.

A Cozy Home for Granddaughter and Grandmother

After the “real estate boom” that his father gave in his day, Ana Obregón decided to build several houses on the large land of his property, one of them, the house in which the actress currently lives, and in which Aless Lequio lived almost all his life. It is a house full of memories to which, since the fateful May of 2020 that she lost her only son, Ana clings to like a burning nail and, far from wanting to move away from them, soon in her large chalet there will be room for one more tenant: her granddaughter, Ana Sandra. Currently, some reforms are being carried out in Ana Obregón’s house so that, when she returns to Spain from Miami with her baby, both can start a new life together in a home full of meaning.

A House of Luxury and Memories

Accustomed to her large single-family two-story house with garden and pool, Ana is now occupying a cozy apartment in Miami with views of the bay. When both leave this apartment they will move to Madrid, to the house in which the biologist has been living for decades and which, on occasions, she has shown both on her social networks and on some television programs. The entrance of her house has a large porch, a usual scenario of Ana’s photos on Instagram. The decoration of Ana Obregón’s chalet goes very much in line with the era in which she moved to this, the 90s: a lot of white marble, large receptions and carpets that cover most of the floor. Walls and floor are immaculate white. The leather sofas, another ‘must’ of luxury at the end of the 20th century. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the program ‘Corazón’, Ana Obregón invited Anne Igartiburu to her house, and in this visit we could contemplate rooms never seen before, such as the presenter’s room. However, while on TVE we saw the most luxurious part of Ana Obregón’s house, on Telecinco the biologist showed some details that revealed that the house needed some repairs. It was in ‘Come to dinner with me: gourmet edition’, the year that Ana was one of the contestants … the networks exploded when they saw the state of her kitchen!


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