Ana Obregón plans with daughter in Spain.


Adjusting to New Routines

On May 31st, the flight that Ana Obregón was returning to Spain with her daughter, Ana Sandra, landed in Madrid. The actress left the airport with the smiling little girl in her arms and headed to her chalet in La Moraleja. Now, both the actress and her daughter (her legal daughter but her biological granddaughter) will have to adjust to new routines as the protagonist of “Ana and the 7” has several commitments.

Presenting “El chico de las musarañas”

On Wednesday, June 7th, Ana is expected to appear before the media to present “El chico de las musarañas” (Harper Collins), the book written by her son and in which she narrates how Aless’s illness was. On Sunday, June 11th, the actress will be signing copies of the book at the Madrid Book Fair.

Sharing Feelings and Plans

Now that she is settled in Spain, Ana will also go on television to share her feelings after welcoming Ana Sandra. For the moment, she will give an interview to her friend Bertín Osborne and also visit Pablo Motos on “El hormiguero 3.0”. In her day to day life, the actress will also be focused on the changes she plans to make to her house to adapt it to the presence of a small child.


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