Anabel Pantoja body: Semi-nude, flaunting real figure.


Anabel Pantoja Stands Up For Herself

Anabel Pantoja, fed up with the criticism, has shared an image on her social media semi-nude showing the reality of her body. The image is accompanied by a strong message in which she has made her position clear with respect to the criticism she receives for exposing her body.

Anabel Pantoja’s Voice is Heard

Isabel Pantoja’s niece turns to social media to make her voice heard regarding the criticism she receives for showing her real body and, very clearly, she wrote: “As I continue to receive messages, where I retouch photos and it’s not my size or I have filters. Here I am with my cellulite, stretch marks, but training every morning“.

Anabel Pantoja Proudly Shares Her Image

Anabel Pantoja, very strong, shares a semi-nude image. Despite being proud of her curves and showing off in a bikini every time she has the opportunity, the truth is that almost every day, the influencer receives comments of all kinds about her physique. Although she usually ignores all kinds of criticism, she did not want to miss the opportunity to show her daily reality, as well as her training routines and her commitment to sport.


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