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Anabel Pantoja vs Belen Esteban: Furious Over Reveal of New Partner

Rumors Confirmed: Anabel Pantoja Has a New Boyfriend

Anabel Pantoja is in love again after her break up with Yulen Pereira. It has been an intimate friend of the influencer, Belén Esteban, who has confirmed that the rumors are true and the Cordovan is the new boyfriend of the niece. A slip on the part of Belén, who forgot that the cousin of Kiko Rivera has been away from television for months and does not want to talk about her love life. A ‘slip up’ that, as confessed by the ex of Jesulín, has not gone down well with the Sevillian: “She told me ‘I didn’t like that you said it, but it’s ok'”, the collaborator has said.

Belén Esteban Regrets Confirming Anabel Pantoja’s Relationship

“We have not gotten angry. I talk to Anabel almost every day” she assured, recognizing that she regrets having gone off the tongue and having confirmed the relationship of her friend, who does not want to be spoken of on television. “I said it because it came out,” Belén Esteban apologized.

Kiko Matamoros: Anabel Pantoja is Actually Angry

A ‘tempered’ reaction with Belén that, according to Kiko Matamoros, is not the one Anabel has actually had. “One thing is what she tells you and another is what she tells elsewhere. He was angry … But maybe he doesn’t have the nerve to tell you because he knows you did it without malice,” he pointed out, making it clear that although the one from San Blas has told her ‘it’s ok’, she is very angry because one of her trusted people has confirmed her love story with her aunt’s physiotherapist.



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