Andrea Damante, and Ignazio Moser watch the game of the Inter-together, the friendship continues

In the past few days, have chased the rumors according to which it would have now ended the long friendship between Andrea Damante and Ignazio Moser. To spread the gossip has been the weekly magazine Chi. However, the one that shines through from the social media profiles of the people concerned, it is a different truth. But let’s go in order, starting from the items circulated in the last hours.

The indiscretion on the end of the friendship between Moser and Damante

The weekly magazine Chi, in a pill of gossip, he spoke about the alleged end of the friendship between Ignazio Moser and Andrea Damante. According to the magazine, the boyfriend of julia De Lellis, it would no longer follow (on social? Because the follow is is) the companion of Cecilia Rodriguez. ‘Who’ also claims that the alleged rupture between the two friends, both took place after the decision of Damante again with Giulia De Lellis. Here is what is quoted in the weekly Alfonso Signorini:

“So ends a friendship. From best friends, by colleagues of the hotel’s gym, shares the social and the holiday always united to…strangers. What happened between Ignazio Moser and Andrea Damante? When the dj is back with Giulia De Lellis has ceased to follow the companion of Cecilia Rodriguez. How come?”.

The friendship between Ignatius and Andrea continues

In fact, it seems that between the two everything is running smoothly. In these hours, Andrea Damante has published Instagram Stories as he followed the match Inter – Sassuolo. The dj was not alone. To his house, to rejoice and suffer together with him, Marco Cartasegna and then Ignazio Moser. That’s right. In the past few days, in addition, I also went to the gym together. In short, the fans can sleep soundly, the friendship between Ignazio Moser and Andrea Damante seems to proceed regularly.