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Andrea Delogu: 2 Years of Love with Fiance Luigi Bruno

The Love Story of Andrea Delogu and Luigi Bruno

If it is true that forty is the new thirty, Andrea Delogu seems to have understood it perfectly. And it was exactly on the occasion of her fortieth birthday, just over a year ago, that the red presenter presented herself to her fans with her new boyfriend, Luigi Bruno. She knew it wouldn’t be easy. “Toy Boy” they would call him, at best, emphasizing with this nickname – sexist and offensive to both – those sixteen years that divide the couple. Focusing only on that one detail, without considering everything else. Intelligence, affinity, complicity. Love. What Delogu celebrates today, after two years of relationship and despite all the criticism and snide comments that have periodically rained down on her. Him, a twenty-four-year-old model with a clean face and intense gaze, appears little in the social media crowded with words alternating with images of the exuberant and enthusiastic presenter who – it is worth remembering – is also a (good) writer, as demonstrated by her interesting debut novel La collina, published in 2014 by Fandango.

The Unconventional Start of Their Relationship

But when he appears, Luigi Bruno leaves his mark, and it is always a sign of love. Emotional words, dedications, smiles. To prove that the age difference is not a problem at all, at least for now. The story – as Delogu had told in an interview – had started in the most classically contemporary way: “On social media. He started to send me private messages on Instagram, including one very nice that said: if in ten years neither of us has found the love of his life, let’s get married? I went to see his account and there is this very young and very handsome boy. We started writing to each other, he told me about himself and everything he said was very similar to me. So I thought: no, it can’t be, something doesn’t make sense. “She had recently left her marriage and was in the midst of launching her television career. Not the right time for a potentially complicated relationship, it seemed. Nor was it the time to be made fun of by a kid who wanted to pick her up, as if she hadn’t seen (and avoided) so many before. But instead everything went more simply and naturally than one could imagine, and suddenly the fear of a younger love disappeared. On the contrary, it was a reason for a return to a new life, after an important relationship ended.

The Beauty of the Beginning

“Luigi is 23 years old, he has the enthusiasm of growing and building his future day by day. He reminded me of how I was when I took my first steps in television, the beauty of the beginning.”



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