Andrea Pezzi , the ten years with Cristiana Capotondi, but on the marriage brakes: “I Look for me ask her,”

The choice to spend time in chastity has strengthened their relationship, as they have explained several times, but the marriage is not yet in the program. Andrea Pezzi and Cristiana Capotondi, have been engaged for over ten years, wedding still do not speak: “I don’t know if we are getting married – told him in the living room of ‘Come to me’ -. Look to me ask for her. Since I towed you must go ahead of her.

That’s right. She was an actress to take the first step, word Pieces: “I towed you. It reminded me of when we met when she was a young girl. When you said that to me, I remembered a joke in an interview to the ‘Kitchen’ on Mtv”.

He tried her, but he was literally bewitched a long time before: “When he went to a guest at a program of Mediaset – told still – did see an advertisement that he had done as a child and I was in love: as a child I remember I had a crush on that girl and I discovered only a few years later that that little girl was her.” It was just fate.