Angelina Jolie (very) generous for the coronavirus, Kev Adams, Leïla Bekhti… 5 Gossips to end the day


The news has yet been loaded this Thursday, march 26. Angelina Jolie to Kev Adams passing by Leïla Bekhti, Tomer Sisley and Clara Luciani, find out who has been talking about him, and especially why.

It’s time for the Gossips ! And the least we can say is that this Thursday, march 26, the news people have still been rich. And especially because of the sars coronavirus. Thus, Angelina Jolie came to the aid of the confined by a very generous donation. While Tomer Sisley is denied a season 2 of the series from Netflix, Messiah, because of this virus. It is also for this same reason that Clara Luciani is blocked in Scotland where she is alone and isolated. Also, locked up, Kev Adams shared a funny video of this strange first week. Finally, Leïla Bekhti celebrated a very touching birthday by sharing a nice gift with his fans. Of the info Here are you prompt to peck below !

Angelina Jolie made a (very) generous donation

An actress with a big heart. For many years, Angelina Jolie is fully invested with a variety of humanitarian causes. And while the coronavirus, wreaks havoc, this mother of six children, was keen to help the forgotten of this health crisis : children from poor families, who, during the containment may not feed correctly. With the closing of schools, these do not have the opportunity to be able to count on school meals. The ex of Brad Pitt has made a very generous donation of one million dollars to the organization No Kid Hungry, which fight against child hunger in the United States. “This week, more than a billion children have left the school in the world because of the sars coronavirus. Many of them have need of the school to feed and receive the attention, including 22 million children in America who depend on aid for food. No Kid Hungry focuses all of its efforts to reach as many children as possible, ” she explained in a press release.

Season 2 of Messiah to be cancelled because of the sars coronavirus

This is a series that made a lot of noise. Last January, Netflix announced Messiah with the cast including Tomer Sisley, in the role of an agent of the Shin Bet. While it had attracted a number of spectators and thata season 2 was being written, the project eventually fell to the water. In question ? The coronavirus,. “Season 2 was going to take place in Rome… The times are crazy and prevent us from turning this summer, says darling Sandra Sisley on his account Instagram. But rather than simply postpone the shoot, he has apparently been taken as the decision of purely and simply put an end to Messiah. “It will therefore unfortunately not and we are all extremely sorry,” said Tomer Sisley, who to reassure his fans, promised them all the same ” other projects at least as intense as soon as we’ll be out of this world situation drama “.

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I am sorry for all the Messiah fans over the world. Times are crazy. Season 2 was supposed to take place in Rome and we would all have loved to pursue this wonderful adventure, but as we know, times are crazy right now… Season 2 is not happening. Thank you for your support, thank you for your letters, thank you for your passion. I had a blast interpreting this part. Aviram will stay with me for very long. Thank you for your love. I promise we will come back with something at least as exciting as this wonderful show once this worldwide virus is beaten. Love you. #michaelpetroni I am very proud to know you!!! James McTeighe and Kate Woods, thank you for your trust and talent. @michellemonaghan @johnortiz718 @sound_speed @wiltraval @stefanialavieowen @sayyidelalami @therealmpagehamilton #mehdidehbi #philipbakerhall @fares_landoulsi Really loved working with you guys. See you soon… season 2 of Messiah had to turn to Rome… The times are crazy and prevent us from turning this summer. It will therefore unfortunately not and we are all extremely sad. Thank you to all the fans for your messages, your letters, and your passion. This original series has not left anyone indiffèrent, me first, and I took a huge pleasure. Aviram will long remain with me. I promise you other projects at least as intense as soon as we’ll be out of this world situation dramatic. Good luck to all in your containment. The most important thing now is : #restezChezVous thank you THANK you THANK you ALL!!!!! ❤️

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Kev Adams is bored terribly for the containment

On a lighter note, Kev Adams also suffers from the confinement. The comedian shared with his subscribers Instagram his “Diary” contained use”. On this five-minute video, fans can discover a summary of his first week of confinement. “It was a cart-cart “, he says in the caption. The reality is quite different. As we can see, in large part, in his bed, or try to spend time with his two brothers… in vain. No doubt, it bored him terribly. Single moment ? The anniversary of his mom. A humorous video that sums up the life of a good portion of the French.

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This is the summary of my week ! It was cart cart 👨🏻🤘

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Clara Luciani, confined and isolated in Scotland

Unlike Kev Adams, who is therefore confined in this family, it is alone and isolated from all that Clara Luciani saw this strange period. The singer is neither in Paris, nor in the South where his family lives. And for cause, on the 7th of march last, it was gone in Scotland to write new songs… except thatshe found herself blocked. No question to let go. The days of Clara Luciani begin very early. “I get up to 7 hours. I take my shower, I make up and I dress because this usual cycle reassures me. After breakfast, I go up to the office. I spend most of my time : I perfected my English, I hold my journal, I read, I draw and I try to make music “, explains-does-it in the columns of Vanity Fair. Clara Luciani is involved as she can. And this goes also for walking, since it has the chance to enjoy the great outdoors. “I am alone in the world here “, has fun, does it.

Leïla Bekhti is a nice gift to his fans

Already ten years ago. On 24 march 2010, the French fell under the charm of Leïla Bekhti and Géraldine Nakache thanks to the film All that glitters. But before this release successful, it was a short film. For this anniversary a bit special, the wife of Tahar Rahim has unveiled the trailer, which contains scenes, previously unpublished. It was not necessary any more to delight his fans. A little sweetness in this world of confined. Leïla Bekhti also took the opportunity to send a loving message to his friends and filmmakers, Géraldine Nakache and Hervé Mimran. “Geraldine, Howard, I can’t thank you enough for having me onboard on this adventure. I love you so hard. But if fort. And looks like Véronique Sanson, since we live a funny life’ “.

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For 10 years of ” All that glitters “, here is the trailer for the short film that we had shot before the film. Geraldine, Howard, I can’t thank you enough for having me onboard on this adventure. I love you so hard. But if fort. And looks like Veronique Sanson, since we saw “a funny life” Thoughts warm to the entire team of the film. Jobi Joba 🎂

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