Angelina Mango @PrideMilano2023: Fears, but love taught by parents.


The Milano Pride: A Triumph of Colors and Joy of Life

The Milano Pride revealed many surprises. Angelina Mango, in rainbow shorts, before the energetic and gritty performance read a very long message on stage: “Growing up I realized that it takes courage to love because love hurts, so I imposed myself never to be afraid, to have courage“. The audience responded with great participation and enthusiasm for the daughter of art and former contestant of Maria De Filippi’s Friends because she bared herself, emotionally, with great maturity.

Freedom of Feelings is Almost a Luxury

“I’m afraid of the dark – she said – of ghosts, monsters, insects, islands, planes, motorcycles. I’m afraid of crustaceans, thieves, sharks, anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks. I’m afraid of a lot of things, but I’m not afraid to love. And each of us should be lucky enough not to be afraid to love”. She explained it immediately afterwards, gratefully remembering the advice and example of her parents, who, she says, it was love that taught her first, “the choices of love, the gestures of love”. She admits that the freedom of feelings today is almost a luxury: “I’m lucky: I know the way and I have a car to cross it, while millions of people still today do not have this luck. It’s paradoxical, but love costs a lot of people and that scares me”.

Love Does Not Cancel in Court

With the microphone in hand, in front of thousands of spectators, she confessed to feeling small, but not wanting to stop, she promised to continue to use her voice and music to fight so that everyone feels safe when they love someone. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. The event was not only a triumph of colors and joy of life, but also a clear message to continue to protect the rights of all, especially those of the children of same-sex couples, dangerously at risk these days. “Love does not cancel in court“, the banners read. It is read on the banners of the parade, it is seen on the faces of the rainbow families of the red train of the Milano Pride that yesterday, June 24th, crossed the center of the Lombard capital. And finally, what cannot be expressed in words was passed through the notes of the closing concert in which Angelina Mango participated, with many colleagues, from Baby K to Orietta Berti, from Coma Cose to Ariete. All together, at the Arco della Pace, singing and having fun, of course, but above all supporting a battle that everyone commits to carrying forward.


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