Anna Biolay: Unbearable Attacks, Big Support from Loved Ones


Anna Biolay was present for the first time this year on the Croisette to present her first feature film Rosalie and she shone at the start of the Cannes Film Festival. She was ravishing, amazed and sometimes a bit tense while walking her first red carpet and climbing the famous steps. Unfortunately, some malicious internet users spoiled the party: after her passage in front of the photographers with the film’s team (including her father Benjamin Biolay), some had fun criticizing her for her famous family and even attacked her physical appearance with very violent words. Her aunt Coralie, outraged, posted a long message to defend her. She started by saying “For the past 24 hours, my 20-year-old niece Anna Biolay has been reading absolute horrors about her.” She then enumerated her qualities, saying “I look at her, beautiful as the day, in front of me, with an incredible kindness, intelligence and foresight for her young age and I see how this ultra-sensitive young woman suffers from reading such salvos of meanness when the only thing she has done is to be part of the cast of a good film thanks to her work, her dedication and her undeniable talent (it is necessarily required!).” She acknowledged that the young woman has benefited from her famous family name, but not to the point of abusing it. “She is not taking anyone’s place. She has gone through 50 castings, she has read, worked and analyzed tons of films,” she assured. Coralie denounced the meanness on social networks, comparing them to physical violence. “Moral aggression is a crime like physical aggression. Everyone would be shocked to see a ravishing and gentle 20-year-old woman being beaten in the street, and know that my niece Anna Biolay has just experienced a gigantic aggression and that her bruises are very visible,” she fulminated. Her message, relayed by Benjamin Biolay, has elicited the support of many other internet users. The singer highlighted some extremely violent comments to show his subscribers the severe harassment his daughter was facing. Anna Biolay’s aunt, who remained very silent, once again denounced the attacks in the end of her message, saying “I would just like people behind their screens to realize that they are beating up children for free. You are monstrous.” Hopefully, this strong message will finally calm things down for the young girl whose talent is just waiting to be developed!


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