Anna Falchi: “Pamela Prati has the habit to stage fake weddings”

“A day to listen to”, the transmission of Radio Cusano Campus conducted by Misa Urban and Arianna Caramanti, Anna Falchi has let go more of a consideration on “Meadows-ful”, the case involved Pamela Meadows on the fake marriage arranged with the elusive Mark Caltagirone: “Meadows-gate? I know very well the case and I know who is behind it”.

The words of Anna Falchi

It is not the first time that Anna Falchi intervenes on the matter, already at the “One day a sheep” had expressed its position on pointing the finger on the agents Pamela Perricciolo and Eliana Michelazzo. Now, attacking Pamela Meadows: “this is Not the first time for her.”

I understand that Pamela has this habit for years now to stage fake weddings, as he did with Max Bertolani his ex, years ago. The fact is that the truth about her personal relationships still don’t know… I never worked with her, and I never had problems with my co-workers are women, far from it: in the world of the show there is more envy among men than among women, I met always the first women-the men in my life! Also with Claudia Koll I had a beautiful working relationship when we found ourselves in bringing together the Sanremo Festival alongside Pippo Baudo: at the time it was created by the media, with a competition between me and Claudia, the newspapers wrote that between us there was rivalry but in reality everything was fake because it went very well. Once you have worked these things created by other people in a spontaneous way, now, instead, we think the agencies that they think to create instances of gossip on social with whom I have a relationship that is balanced, I find them very useful for work, they are a showcase for my followers to know where they can find me. Among other things, I am very happy and proud not to have haters but only people that really like me, maybe because I never positions to part with Lazio, but this is because I prefer that they remain only a showcase of the image.

The life of Anna Falchi today

After the spotlight of the generalist television, today Anna Falchi leads a cooking program on Telenorba from the title “Anna and her kitchen”. As he reveals to Misa Urban and Arianna Caramanti, always loves to eat and cook:

I started from when I was little because I learned early the art of getting by, having started working when I was very young: my specialties are the pasta dishes, I like to try new recipes; I’m also with Finnish dishes, those of my Land of origin, even if here in Italy, even my friends, they prefer the Italian ones being lighter by a factor of nearly five.