Anna Munafò married Peppe Tasty, the former tronista chose Emanuele Trimarchi in 2014


Anna Munafò, ex tronista of “Men and Women”, he is married to the mate Peppe Tasty. The photos documenting the event were published as a surprise on the 31st of December, the date on which the former Miss Italy has said yes to her fiance. The wedding came a little more than a year from the time when Anna had announced the separation from the personal trainer Matteo Milioti, former companion to the Munafò would have had to marry in may 2019. A few months from the scheduled date for that wedding ever celebrated, Anna has married the new boyfriend.

Chose Emanuele Trimarchi Men and Women

Anna agreed to sit on the throne of “Men and Women” in the season 2013/2014. At the end of a particularly tormented, the Munafò chose the roman Emanuele Trimarchi, recently returned to the fore for the indirect involvement in the case dubbed “Pratiful”. Emanuele was close to Eliana Michelazzo and Pamela Perricciolo at the time of his participation in the program.

Because it ended with Matteo Milioti

Ex tronista remained in the hearts of the audience of “Men and Women”, after that period lived in television, Anna is back to his usual life. The marriage arranged with the personal trainer Matteo Milioti was publicly confirmed by the direct question, in response to those who wondered what had happened after the participation in the dating show. For the same reason, in September 2018, Munafò told in an interview that that link was terminated:

I thought I had found the right person, the one that would have crowned my dream. The one who would share with me the most important day of my life. I would like to since she was a child to wear a white wedding dress. And instead puff…everything is finished like a soap bubble. And now I say “better ” before or after”. As far as the feelings, I was innamoratissima him, to the point that, after a year of living together, I sat down with a calendar to hand and I chose a date very important to me, with a great emotional value. I thought it was love instead was a gig. It’s been two and a half months, it’s been a difficult summer, it is over an important story. I can not deny that I spent days shut in the house with the phone between your hands to read and re-read messages, look at our photos, but then there is the time that is the best of medicines, as at the end of every tunnel comes the light. As of now, I am single and ready to live, get to know people, going out, even if I don’t have all this free time…


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