Annalisa & Francesco Muglia Wed in Assisi


Discreet Ceremony

Annalisa has got married. The singer said yes to her boyfriend Francesco Muglia, a Costa Crociere manager, to whom she has been linked for about three years. The religious ceremony was held in Assisi, in the Basilica of San Francesco, celebrated on Thursday, June 29th by Father Giuseppe Magrino. A private and discreet ceremony, for which there are no shared photos yet. After the “yes”, an aperitif at the Cloister of San Francesco, closed to visitors for the occasion, and then the celebrations at the Locanda del Cardinale, in the center of the Umbrian town.

No Social Sharing

The singer would have asked her guests to limit social sharing, and so far she has not revealed anything about her most beautiful day, not even the dress chosen for the ceremony. No wonder. Annalisa in recent years has always been very discreet about her private life, and uses her public profiles only to share work updates. Even in the next few hours, therefore, something more could not come out, although the irreducible fans hope for some photos from the civil ceremony, which will take place on Saturday, July 1st in Tellaro, a fraction of Lerici, in Liguria.

A Love Story

Also in this case everything is top secret, but from some indiscretions it emerges that the guests should be around 200, many more than the religious rite. Nothing else is known, as with many details of the story of the newlyweds. Annalisa and Francesco Muglia would have met at an event on the Costa Smeralda, and it is here that the manager would have noticed her. According to Il Messaggero, it was his mother, a great fan of Annalisa since the times of the talent show Amici, who launched her, who praised her to her son. Who knows if it was really the mother-in-law’s finger. The rest is the recent history of a love that does not love spotlights, protected from the beginning by the gossip and indiscretions that surround the lives of the famous. If you really want to go unnoticed, you can do it very well.


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