Annalisa’s 2nd wedding in Tellaro, hand-in-hand with Francesco.


Love in the Summertime: Annalisa and Francesco’s Wedding

Absolute secrecy about every detail of the event has contributed to generating a crescendo of curiosity: Annalisa’s wedding with her Francesco Muglia was certainly the event of the summer, with paparazzi going wild in search of a photo of the two lovers, who managed to do everything in great secrecy. To show us the wedding dress – a bold and unconventional mini dress in lace, off the shoulder and long-sleeved, signed Dolce & Gabbana – was the same singer with a post on Instagram, in which she declared all her “love for love”.

Renewing Promises in Tellaro

Nothing else leaked from the religious ceremony in Assisi, in the Basilica of San Francesco. Some stolen photos arrive instead from the lay rite that the two spouses wanted to celebrate in front of relatives and friends in Tellaro, a fraction of Lerici, where Annalisa and Francesco renewed their promises the day after the wedding. White shirt and jacket for him, lace dress for her, the two smiling spouses were symbolically tied up by their witnesses, exchanging their promises of love in a romantic location overlooking the sea.

Celebrating with Friends and Family

Among the guests present at the wedding, Maria De Filippi, Annalisa’s talent scout thanks to Amici, arrived in a yellow tailleur and coordinated glasses. With her Rudi Zerbi, in blue shirt, followed by Fabio Rovazzi, in ecru suit. Also expected were Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, who had already been in Liguria in Portofino a few days earlier, although from her stories it seems that there was a return to Lake Como. Certainly present was her historical friend and television travel companion Alessandra Amoroso. Judging from the few shots stolen at the arrival of the guests, the Ligurian ceremony seems to have taken place in a rather informal way: a party with friends, to celebrate the great day together. The secrecy, however, continues, and the guests have obviously been asked by the spouses not to disclose photos and videos on social media. A heavily guarded marriage, in line with the absolute privacy of the spouses.


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