Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine Gaffe: Virginie Efira Pregnant in C à Vous


Virginie Efira on C à Vous

This Tuesday, May 23rd, Virginie Efira was the guest of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine on C à Vous, live from the Cannes Film Festival. The one who is expecting a baby with Niels Schneider was accompanied by the actor Melvil Poupaud, with whom she plays in Valérie Donzelli’s film L’Amour et les Forêts, presented tonight. The pretty blonde talked at length about the film, before Babeth introduced the Irish singer Cian Ducrot, who came to sing his hit song I’ll Be Waiting live.

Babeth’s Blunder

Right after the performance of the young artist, the mother of Arthur and Vasco wanted to offer her album Victory (which will be released in July) to Virginie Efira. Without being really sure of what she was doing… “I don’t know if it’s a real record, if I can give it away. Because sometimes they give me fake records!”, she wondered, before finally handing the object to the actress: “We’re going to try Virginie!”. But Babeth was right to ask the question because a few seconds later, when Cian Ducrot joined the guests on the set, he asked the Belgian comedian to show him the record in question, before confirming: “No, it’s a fake!”.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine’s Response

Embarrassing the presenter. “Oh sh**!”, she said, realizing her little mistake. Melvil Poupaud then tried to save the presenter by taking out the record from its sleeve, in the hope that it was actually real. He then handed it to the singer, before he confirmed again: “No, but that’s not my record, it’s someone else’s!”. Now that she was sure and certain of having made a little mistake, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, who was the subject of a “demonstration” by her columnist Bertrand Chameroy last night, wanted to conclude this sequence as quickly as possible: “It’s okay! I must have forgotten…”. Great Babeth!


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