Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine: Life with Husband & Kids – Living with the Guys.


Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine: A Busy Life

If she is very talkative on the set, Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine is much less so once the cameras are turned off. It is also rare to see the presenter open up in the media or on social networks, especially in terms of her private life. Like most public figures, however, she sometimes agrees to open up a little more than usual in order to maintain a connection with her audience.

A Trio of Lazy Men

When asked about her career, her children and her husband, she confided that she was in charge of a trio of somewhat lazy men… And for good reason: despite her very busy schedule, the mother of the family has to manage everything, even when she is in the middle of shooting! “I only live with guys I have nicknamed ‘my dangling arms’. The big one can call me to find out where his ID card is and my husband to tell me that the little one has a nosebleed. From a distance, I am quite powerless. I try to arrange things during the commercial breaks,” she first explained. But it must be said that Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine does not complain about this situation, quite the contrary. As at work, the journalist likes to have control over everything, even if it means having a bit too much responsibility and sometimes having her head underwater… Aware that she has difficulty disconnecting both professionally and personally, the 52-year-old journalist nevertheless enjoys this often heavy role to take on.

A Complicated Love Life

“Anyway, I tend to decide for everyone, I don’t know how to delegate. I’m at the helm of a speedboat with three water skiers behind… and that’s fine with me! “, she added. As a reminder, Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine has been married to architect Philippe Coelho since June 2012. Together, they had a son, Vasco, born a year after their union, in June 2013. But the C à Vous presenter also has an older son, Arthur (born in 2004) and the fruit of her first marriage to a man whose identity is unknown. To note that in 2007, the pretty blonde was in a relationship with the humorist Mustapha El Atrassi. Their story did not end very well, however, as the presenter filed a complaint against him for assault and battery…


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