Anne Roumanoff : the nice initiative of the comedian for caregivers

Turned upside down by the testimonies of many health, Anne Roumanoff reacted immediately. The comedian tries to collect a maximum of gifts, in order to contribute to the improvement of conditions of work and hygiene of the staff in the front line.

In this troubled period marked by anxiety and uncertainty, the watchword is simple : stay home ! The other great principle in force to curb the current crisis is one of solidarity, and some celebrities did not hesitate to mobilize. Wednesday, march 25, Michel Cymes explained on the tray C to you that it is ready to lend a helping hand to the nurses, “to the end” in hospitals. Across the Channel, Kate Middleton and prince William are also first in line to support the british people.

Upset by the testimonies sent by caregivers, Anne Roumanoff has also chosen to act. The comedian, all the days of the antenna on Europe 1 in these times of complicated, has created an association named Solidarity with the caregivers. The fifty-year-old has launched an appeal for donations, which is accessible via The Prize pool of close relatives. More than 2,500 euros have already been collected in order tobuy equipment for the nursing staff was overworked.

To a momentum of solidarity

“This all started from a call on Facebook on the 20th of march because I wanted to collect testimonials for my radio show on Europe 1, a explained Anne Roumanoff about his initiative. I wanted to do something a little supportive and I was overwhelmed to caregivers in a panic, which did not have protections. So, I decided to create an association to buy myself equipment. there are small amounts that are found on the Internet, I send them, I do what I can. Masks FFP2, it is hard to find but there are charlottes, of surblouses, combinations. “The comedian said on Tv Starque for now, [she] command with [its] own funds and those of [his] relatives. “I do think it is more to me but to others. I am overwhelmed by all the people who, in France in the manufacture of the masks in the tissues. This is great. I hope that this crisis will make the human being better , “concluded the one who has interrupted his tour because of the epidemic. Anne Roumanoff affirms that it is aware that it is a ” drop in the ocean “. A drop of water perhaps, but nevertheless necessary.