Anne-Sophie Lapix and Husband at Roland-Garros 2023: First Public Outing Since Shocking Announcement


A fulfilled and radiant woman

Novak Djokovic and world number one Carlos Alcaraz, victorious on the same score this Sunday, June 4th, 2023, are now just one victory away from bringing the anticipated semi-final clash to life at Roland Garros. An exciting day on the clay court that caused enthusiasm in the stands. Among the stars spotted in the crowd was a couple: that formed by the star of journalism and television Anne-Sophie Lapix and her husband, the businessman Arthur Sadoun. This was indeed the first public appearance of the one who faced cancer. Wearing spring attire, with white trousers and a grey polo shirt, which went perfectly with her very high-heeled sandals, the one who gives political personalities a hard time certainly also found her two sons, aged 20 and 17, born from a first relationship, since the Mother’s Day celebration was taking place at the same time as the matches! Journalist, wife or mother, the Basque lover is a fulfilled and radiant woman. If she posed alone radiantly at the photocall, Anne-Sophie Lapix was therefore far from coming alone to Roland Garros this Sunday. Very complicit and enthusiastic, the lovers easily spread their happiness, far from the anguish of the disease.

Early diagnosis and treatments

Indeed, during the month of January, it was learned that the CEO of Publicis since 2017 had overcome a cancerous tumor of the tonsils during the year 2022. A disease located in his neck that he managed to beat thanks to an early diagnosis and treatments, consisting of radiography and chemotherapy in Paris, adapted to his busy schedule. We can thus notice that he still wears a scarf around his neck, hiding any traces of his fight against this scourge.

Admirable courage

Very discreet about her private life, she had accepted to address the subject of her husband to Tele-Loisirs, and in particular his courageous decision to publicly address his illness: “It is a fight that I find admirable. (…) There is a kind of nudity when you talk about something as intimate as illness. It’s courageous and it makes things move. He has turned this ordeal into a lesson in life and a will to be useful. I am admiring of that.”


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