Anthony Colette (Dancing with the stars) love : it reveals a photo of his girlfriend

Anthony Colette has he found a shoe to his foot ? In a recent interview with Télé-Loisirs, the beautiful brown of Dancing with the stars has spoken about his love life and just post a picture with the woman of his heart.

Anthony Colette



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Anthony Colette fact, each year, to melt the hearts of the fans of Dancing with the stars. It must be said that between his resemblance to Kit Harington, and its hipped madness, the dancer of DALS has many strengths that ignite each time the floor of TF1 ! And this is not Iris Mittenaere who will say the opposite. In 2018, the one who was elected Miss France 2016 participates in season 9 of Dancing with the stars alongside Anthony Colette. If the viewers had quickly perceived the alchemy between the two, they were far from suspecting that they had succumbed to the temptation ! The information that the dancer was affirmed after their participation in the program. “It was different, exceptional. It was immediately well-liked.And we went out together. I don’t regret anything”, assured Anthony Colette.

“She looks happy “

While Iris Mittenaere file for a year the perfect love with Diego El Glaoui, Anthony Colette was still quite shy about her love life. But this Wednesday, August 19, from Télé-Loisirs, the beautiful brown of Dancing with the stars has lifted the veil. “Very honestly with my past relationships, I avoid me to spread on my love life. All I can say is that today I am very fulfilled !”, he revealed, smiling. If Anthony Colette (yet) are left to hover in doubt concerning his love life, his last publication in story on Instagram is much more meaningful.

On holiday in the south of France, the dancer of Dancing with the stars has shared a selfie taken in an elevator, where a mysterious unknown raises against him, the hand on his abs. The woman’s face is not revealed, as Anthony Colette was replaced by a émoji representing a queen. “She looks happy”, he writes. A publication that leaves, however, little doubt !