Anthony Delon on his failed career: “I was decimated”


Anthony Delon’s Relationship with His Father

On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition dedicated to his father at the Hotel Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, the actor received the Paris Match teams. The opportunity for him who played in the movie Love, Unloved to talk about his family and professional life. And it is with complete transparency that he first returns to his links with his father, Alain Delon. If he admits that he would not have wanted to shoot alongside his father ten years ago, now Anthony Delon feels ready, but it seems that this idea is conjugated in the past and is transformed into regret. Cinema, a complex subject for the son of the sacred monster.

Anthony Delon’s Reputation in Cinema

If he has played in many films, now Anthony Delon is a little quieter in the world of cinema. The reason? “Because I have gone through many paths. Before being an actor, I was involved in my line of leather jackets that got into trouble for the reasons we know and that I talk about in my book: Between Dog and Wolf. After that, I played in a lot of movies, but there are very few that I like,” he says. But in the end, has his reputation as a “son of” not played tricks on him? “No. Maybe at the beginning yes, when I started. For Chronicle of a Death Foretold, I was praised, they said that a star was born, etc. I followed with bad movies and I got massacred. My ego took a hit,” says Anthony Delon, visibly affected.

Anthony Delon’s Regrets

“It was complicated. So I let go, I moved on to something else. You should not compare yourself but stay on what animates us: passion, desire, desire …” And this is not the only regret felt by Alain Delon’s son. “I would have liked to direct earlier, but every time I tried to move away from a path, I was called to order. There is a time for everything. The book Between Dog and Wolf is the illustration of my life. I tell my story there, but it also talks about resilience, personal journey, forgiveness, how to get past our wounds to finally become ourselves.” A way also to make peace with himself.


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