Antonella Elia, wedding in sight with Pietro Delle Piane

The scent of orange blossom for Antonella Elia. As revealed in the weekly magazine Chi, the showgirl marry his companion Pietro Delle Piane, actor and voice actor with that from a year living a beautiful love story.

The marriage proposalwith a ring, a couple of evenings ago at a restaurant near Trevi Fountain, in Rome, where the blonde ‘is Not the Rai’ was celebrating her 56esimo birthday. Peter has 11 years younger than her, but the difference in age has never scared: what to Antonella it was a stroke of lightning.

They were the friends of both to make the Cupid, presented them to an event and from then on are inseparable and are now ready to take the big step. No date, yet, but knowing the exuberance of Antonella Elia summer would be the best time for an unforgettable party.