Antonio Banderas turns 60: the timeless beauty from latin lover

After I will Marry Simon Le Bon of Clizia Gurrado of the years ’80, in ’90, we had to write I will Marry Antonio Banderas. On the other hand, if that fox, Madonna, that testosterone quality if it is always understood – at the time he wanted, categorically, at his side in Evita (and he, it seems, has even given private dos of spades), Antonio from Malaga with heat deserved that these feelings were set in black and white, that everyone to understand that like him, hot, nobody ever (sorry Brad).

Antonio Banderas in the movie Evita 1996. Photo: a scene from the film

The mo love story has never seen the light but I will try to remedy here, at a distance of two decades (OH MY GOD), to my unfulfilled dreams of youth.

And I write about then this article praises praises praises to the mediterranean charm of Antonio Banderas that I have to repeat myself, the August 10, marks 60 years. How, what, when, where? I am heartened to read that is the same as divo to say ironically to Entertainment Tonight: “It’s fantastic! Having almost 60 years and the people who define sex symbol”. Yes, Antonio, the people there are too.

The actor beloved by me and the Madonna, both never reciprocated, is oldie but buonino, on this there it rains. Of course, aside from the chapter advertising and hens, in my fantasies remains the Antonio of the golden times of the early films of Almodovar, of Philadelphia, Interview with the vampire, the House of The spirits, Of love and shadows, The mask of Zorro, Never with a stranger, Desperado (for the record, she starred in 112 films, more of an actor Bollywwod).

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#TBT I’m sure you know what movie it’s about… Seguro que sabéis de qué película se trata… ____ @mariabarrancooficial @eldeseo_ #Almodovar

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The Antonio crown, indomitable, motivated, very black and shining, where also lose some jar of gel too. The Antonio from the tanned skin and the look of the fire, Antonio and without a beard with the sideburns. The only one in the world to release sex appeal even with the hair pulled to the maximum and the tail ruffled at the Fiorello at the time of the Karaoke. The Antonio slicked that looks like a star of other times.

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#TBT with Maruschka Detmers. #MamboKings 1992

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The Antonio elected in 1996, People between the 50 star the most beautiful in the world. Antonio, you can have the smell. In a sense, his scent. And yes, because the star is from the ’97 that launches fragrances male or female with his label of the same name. I read that,, saccording to the actor, the perfume should not only reflect the personality, but also to evoke various emotions and feelings.

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Para vivir ¡tentaciones de cine! #HerSecretTemptation ______ In order to live, movie temptations! Her Secret Temptation! _____ #AntonioBanderasPerfumes

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I think, then, that a his eau de toilette add to cart. Could I consider a sort of sop since Antonio Banderas, yes, in other words, I will get married, have arrived at this point. I understand, though, what really went wrong between us. Once, in 2007, he was two metres away from me. Presented to the press, in Rome, Shrek 3, in which it lends his voice (sensual) to the cat with the boots. He’s beautiful as the sun, as always. I, tachycardia, and with a bloom of pimples gradient magenta on the chin in combo with the hair is well organized like never before. And we think, gee, that does not want me.

In the gallery, not to forget, feast the sight with its beauty evolution. Best Wishes’antò. It’s hot, definitely, yesterday as today.