Antonio Zequila accused by the model Andrada Marina: “I felt harassed”

The fame of Antonio Zequila as a bon vivant, is not a mystery and even in the episodes of Big Brother Vip, the host of a reality show does not hesitate to stir up this belief by bringing home the many achievements of the actor campania. But the simple flirtation has become something more difficult to manage, as it tells the model Andrada Marina that accuses the competitor of the Big Brother having to be harassed.

The proposal of Antonio Zequila

The facts date back to 2015, when Antonio Zequila was the presenter of a beauty contest, “Miss” made in Italy”, to which the young Andrada Marina had participated as a competitor, as revealed by the weekly New. After the evening, the well-known face of the tv would be invited in his hotel room and talk about it, and at that juncture would have occurred the alleged violence, as told by herself: “one evening, While I have performed a number of belly dance, my big passion, and he noticed. So he invited me to join him in his hotel room, he told me that I had talent and that he wanted to talk to me about work. When I walked into his room, he told me that he knew very well, Mara Venier . And he said, if I wanted to, I would join you que vales. Then he started getting compliments, until, between one word and another, he kissed me”.

The reaction of Andrada Marina

According to what was told by the young model, this would not be the only attempt on the part of Zequila that, instead, would have insisted on in the course of the conversation, trying again to snatch a kiss. The girl tells the story, which seems to have hit rather delicate, the weekly underlining the disappointment in receiving a treatment of this kind because at the time of the facts he only had 18 years: “his gesture has me puzzled, I felt harassed. I was devastated. He then tried to calm me; he made me sit on the bed, he said that it would not hit anything and, instead, he tried to kiss me a second time. At that point, are taken in feet and I said: ‘I’m sorry, but I’m not that kind of girl’. They are out of the running from the room, without even waiting for her reaction”.