Home Celebrity Scoop Are Mattia Zenzola and Benedetta Vari from Amici really together?

Are Mattia Zenzola and Benedetta Vari from Amici really together?

The Relationship Between Mattia Zenzola and Benedetta Vari

The question that has been circulating since the end of the last edition of Amici is: is there something between the winner Mattia Zenzola and his colleague Benedetta Vari? No answer has ever been given, in fact the two have repeatedly avoided the subject, declaring themselves to be just friends but the feeling between them has always been quite evident. What may have made them reluctant to declare their feelings could have been Vari’s previous relationship, or the dynamics of the talent show that saw them involved with the aim of focusing more on the competition. Whatever the reason, it seems that now the two are willing to come out in the open, judging from the stories and posts on Instagram they have been publishing these days.

The Evidence of Romance

The last one sees them engaged in a sensual and romantic dance, demonstrating that there is something more than being dance partners. To confirm this feeling there is also a story on Instagram in which both are embraced and filming themselves before jumping together into the pool. We do not know if they are scattering clues to make us understand that they are in the initial stages of a relationship, but something in their relationship, in the last few months, seems to have evolved in a romantic sense. Summer has just started, so we still have many weeks that will help us understand if there is really more between Zenzola and Vari than just friendship.

What Will the Future Hold?

Judging from the social media, the times when the dancer, during the Viva Radio 2 program, when Fiorello asked him if he was dating his colleague, embarrassedly replied: “No, we are just very good friends!” seem far away.



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