Ari Boulogne: Anthony Delon Pays Tribute, Internet Reacts with Emotion


Ari Boulogne, who was only 60 years old, was found dead in his Parisian apartment this Saturday. He had been fighting for many years to get Alain Delon to recognize him as his son, born from a passing liaison with the rock singer Nico, yet the actor refused to do so. Anthony Delon, who could potentially have become his little brother, paid him a beautiful tribute this Saturday night on his Instagram account. He posted a black photo with a caption reading: “Rest in peace Ari. A tragic destiny. Sadness. A thought tonight for his two children”. His subscribers were touched by the “elegant” tribute to a “half-brother” he had been introduced to by Serge Gainsbourg. Ari Boulogne had a difficult life, raised between an ultra-strict boarding school where Alain Delon’s mother had placed him, and a hippie biological mother, addicted to hard drugs. He too had been a heroin addict for part of his life, but managed to get out of it for several years and had two children, Charles and Blanche (24 and 17 years old). Fallen back into his addictions according to his neighbors, Ari Boulogne had become severely handicapped at the end of his life. Anthony Delon is the only one in the family to have publicly paid tribute to Ari Boulogne. Anouchka (32 years old) and Alain-Fabien (29 years old), the two youngest of the siblings, probably did not know him since they were much younger. Despite the fact that Ari Boulogne was not able to succeed in the battle he had been fighting for so many years to make Alain Delon recognize him, Anthony Delon’s tribute to his “half-brother” Ari Boulogne was a distinguished one.


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