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Ariane Olanda: Dutch Princess arrives in Italy to study

Ariane of the Netherlands to Study at UWC Adriatic

Sixteen-year-old Ariane, the third child of the Dutch sovereigns Guglielmo and Máxima, has chosen Italy for her studies. The Royal House revealed on Instagram, posting a photo of the princess, all smiling, posing in front of the UWC Adriatic in Duino, near Trieste. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. The school chosen by Ariane is part of the United World Colleges, a network of 18 schools around the world that brings together students to promote peace and international cooperation.

UWC Adriatic: A Picturesque Campus in Friuli Venezia Giulia

The Italian structure where Ariane – third in line of succession to the Dutch throne – will study is a picturesque campus in Friuli Venezia Giulia a few kilometers from the border with Slovenia. Founded by the German educator Kurt Hahn in 1926, the institute – a real village composed of laboratories, canteens, libraries, residences and classrooms in which lessons will alternate with volunteer activities and social services – counts about 180 students from all over the world and offers a two-year study program at a cost of about 40,000 pounds. Among the available courses, all in English, are World Arts and Culture and Environmental Systems. Admission to the college is only possible after passing various exams and selections, all done anonymously.

Amalia Had to Leave University due to Threats

After obtaining the international baccalaureate, Ariane will have the opportunity to enroll in university. Maybe in Amsterdam, just like her older sister Amalia, future Queen of the Netherlands did. Amalia had made her debut at the University of Amsterdam in September 2022. But only a month later, due to the heavy threats received from the Dutch mafia, she had to leave the university accommodations to return to the royal residence (Palace Huis ten Bosch, in The Hague). Giving up the dream of a “normal” life that, it is hoped, will not be denied to the younger sisters – in addition to Ariane there is Alexia – who, unlike the future sovereign, are not growing up with a crown in their pocket.



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