Arianna David: “I have suffered from anorexia, I weighed 39 kilos. I eat in the wrong way, even now”

Arianna David has suffered from anorexia. Was she to tell the tale in the course of an interview to Federica Panicucci during Mattino5. “You can heal me, because I’m the example, but it is also true that anorexia will remain inside,” said the former Miss Italy, admitting that they have not yet overcome the difficulties “I noticed that when I have personal problems, when it happened to me things that are not right, cowgirl again, all the stress on the food, almost not eating, or eating often very little”. Then, he added:

Despite the fact that I may be healed, this monster always comes back to me in front of the eyes. How? If I go out to dinner, sometimes, I prepare one week prior by paying attention to the house because then I always say that I don’t eat. For me, the rock hard is when on Sunday they ask me to go out to dinner. Sometimes fight with my husband because I do not like to go out to dinner, to me, creates stress and anxiety. Live badly this thing.

Arianna David is healed from anorexia

“I am not sick anymore, but I have a wrong way of eating,” said the former Miss Italy 1993, completely sincere. The capiterebbe to eat in the wrong way, especially in periods of high stress and when the rush does not allow you to devote the necessary attention to his diet:

Fortunately, I do not miss the right nutrients to my body, but if I were to describe me as a girl eating regular meals, then I would say no, it is not so. At breakfast I take a cup of coffee, lunch are always on the run and often jump, to dinner, I eat a boundary, and a little protein.

The former Miss Italy arrived to weigh 39 kilos

Arianna has to thank only itself for being able to exit the tunnel of anorexia, a serious disease that in 2018, has killed about 3,000 people: “and I, when I suffered, I was alone, I didn’t have anyone that I have helped and followed me, and I can say now that it is a very bad feeling about this. I had no one, it seems that you do not realize that I was wrong, and this thing has me really killed”. Left at the mercy of herself, confesses that she came to weigh only a 39/40 pounds:

I came to weigh 39-40 pounds, I have been in amenorrhea for years, I had the hot flashes and not the will never forget. I looked in the mirror and I saw myself fat! I had no one telling me that I was evil and loneliness is the thing that it destroyed me.