Arisa Single: What Love Can Bring You


Arisa was one of the esteemed visitors on Saturday afternoon at the Verissimo TV studio. Host Silvia Toffanin questioned the vocalist, who is at present single, as to what she is seeking in affection. “I would like somebody who really cares for me, who wants to construct something together and be joyous together. Eh, if I keep these desires I’ll be a spinster forever,” Arisa remarked with a sharp grin. The singer, who has just dropped her new single Non Vado Via, separated from her dance teacher Vito Coppola a year ago, accomplice on the Rai Ballando con le Stelle show. After the relationship with Coppola was over, Arisa declared to the weekly magazine Oggi: “I renounce love.” On the other hand, her career is going great, not only in terms of music. The singer has been incredibly successful with the crowd in her role as a guide for the young talents of Amici 22. To Silvia Toffanin, Arisa said: “I lived alone in Rome for a year and I had the chance to contemplate myself as I had never done before.” As for her most recent hit, “it tells an affection story that I experience every day with myself. Today, at 40, I have acquired awareness. I can’t say I’m content with this, but if love comes it will be a straightforward, light love that will make me feel good.” This material can also be seen on the website it originates from. Arisa single has had a remarkable rise in the music industry, and with Non Vado Via, she is sure to continue to make her mark. She is looking for something special in love, but until she finds it, Arisa single will continue to thrive.


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