Arlette Chabot stated that Marina Carrère d’encausse, which accuses the government for the shortage of masks

Invited to respond to the comments of Marina Carrère d’encausse on the shortage of masks in France, Arlette Chabot has joined the medical journalist and also aims of the French government.

It is a Marina Carrère d’encausse fatalistic speaking yesterday on radio Europe 1 with Philippe Vandel. Asked about the shortage of protective masks in the face of the pandemic of sars coronavirus as well as on the fact that the government had announced that these famous masks were not necessary, the journalist for the health Magazine accused the prime minister of lying. “We tried to prioritize. As we did not have enough masks, we did everything to the book to those who need them, namely, caregivers, and to ensure that the population does street not in pharmacies to buy masks. It was for a good cause since it was for the nursing staff, to protect the population and the nursing staff. […] I find that this kind of lie can be understood and apologize. “

Arlette Chabot throws the mask

In response to the passage of Marina Carrère d’encausse, always with Philippe Vandel on Europe 1, Arlette Chabot has joined the ex-duo of Michel Cymes relating to the manipulation of the government at the beginning of the wave coronavirus in France. “For me, this crisis is first a crisis of the masks, it’s an obsession for all the world, said the former director of Information of France Televisions. It is a protection, and as there is a lot of anxiety, the French want these masks. That they be reserved for personal caregivers in the first, it is well. After, it must be said that the government lacked transparency. Instead of saying there isn’t, they have explained that it was no use. Which, of course, is false. “A charge the additional risk of blanch – one can be more – the beard of Edward Philip…