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Armie Hammer, Lisa Perejma: Back Together Again in Love

Reignited Passion

Sometimes they come back, or at least that’s what it seems, loves, obviously. It seems like the case of Armie Hammer and his ex Lisa Perejma, spotted during a lunch in Portofino. Romantic, because kisses and complicity leave no doubt about the reignited passion, just one week after his divorce from Elizabeth Chambers.

Divorce Sentence

The actor of Call Me By Your Name and Lisa Perejma had started dating at the beginning of 2021, but their story had lasted just over a year. Still legally married to Chambers, married in 2010, Armie Hammer was already separated at the time, and just a few days ago the final divorce sentence arrived. A consensual goodbye announced in 2020. According to the TMZ website, the two ex-spouses have reached an agreement on the division of assets and the management of their two children together, Harper, 8, and Ford, 6.

Violent Attitudes

At the base of the goodbye, at least that’s how it seems, his frequent betrayals, although everything really precipitated with the accusations of violence that fell on the actor in 2021, to which were added the complaints of many women who declared to have had relations with him when he was still married (apparently happily). After the scandal, Hammer declared to have brushed with the idea of suicide, but also revealed to have suffered violence from a religious, when he was a child. A trauma that led him, for his own admission, to assume violent attitudes, as well as (it seems) to become passionate about cannibalistic practices. In a series of messages addressed to the ex, even the alleged evidence of a sexual assault, collected in the House of Hammer documentary. A story that has severely damaged the actor’s figure, who at the beginning of June was cleared of any accusation for lack of concrete evidence. And now that he is more serene, Hammer seems to have also found the love of Lisa Perejma. A restart from the heart.



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