Asia Argento and Andrea Preti, kisses and hugs to the streets of Rome | PHOTO

Asia Argento and Andrea Preti were surprised by the photographers Who, while they greet, gregarious and smiling, with a hug and a kiss, which continue to suggest something more than a simple friendship. However, to restrict the items that may insinuate in the tender since both are single after their respective relationships [she with Fabrizio Corona, he, and Claudia Gerini), arrive rumors in regard to matters of business, such as theopening of a local in Rome that the two would like to rent together.

Asia Argento and Andrea Preti members in the management of a local

“Ours is a true friendship and nothing else,” said Andrea Preti, 31 years, the former Claudia Gerini gets to greet affectionately Asia Argento (44) in Rome, in front of a restaurant just failed that the two would like to rent to open a restaurant. That could be the occasion for the birth of a feeling is not only professional? At the moment there is nothing founded, and he denies it. Only friendship, then. But then, if saran rose…

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