Asia Argento: Sober & In Love After 2 Years


Two years ago, Asia Argento found the courage to break away from the alcohol that had taken over her life. Speaking to Silvia Toffanin in her living room, the forty-seven-year-old actress revealed that she had “lost many friends” to her addiction and would sometimes spend “whole days in bed with the shutters down”. Asia’s mother, Daria Nicolodi, was also an alcoholic, and her death in 2020 was a turning point for her daughter. She decided to seek help and started practicing Buddhism, which helped her to make space within herself. She also returned to Alcoholics Anonymous support groups, and has now been sober for 23 months.

The death of Asia’s partner, Anthony Bourdain, in 2018 was a great tragedy for her. She could not understand that he was carrying such pain inside and regrets not being able to do anything about it. Asia confessed to Toffanin that sometimes she had also thought about taking her own life, but her love for her children had kept her going. After Bourdain’s death, she was alone for many years, and it took her time to understand who she was and what she wanted.

Finally, about a year ago, Asia Argento found a new love: the martial arts champion Michele Martignoni, who is twenty years younger than her. The two debuted on social media in August 2022 and made their red carpet debut at the Adriano Cinema in Rome four months later. Asia told Toffanin that their relationship is going great and that her children, who are “harsh judges”, have approved of him. Now she is looking for lightness and simple things in life.

Asia Argento is now in a happy relationship with Michele Martignoni, and is looking for ways to find peace and serenity. She has come a long way since she said goodbye to her addictions two years ago, and is now living a life she never thought was possible.


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