Asia Gianese public chat attributed to Francesco Sarcina: “Among the husbands that I tampinano”

Asia Gianese, influencer note on Instagram and on tv, has published a series of private chats, attributed to Francesco Sarcina. The young woman, who was a guest of Barbara D’urso in Pomeriggio5, argues that the ex-husband of Clizia Incorvaia has contacted in private about the social and then ask her for her phone number. The attachment is to be consummated after that Asia had tagged in a story shot presumably inside a local. “He was a local rock. I entered and I saw it immediately. I didn’t think you liked the rock” would have written the influencers according to the chat attributed to Sarcina.

The alleged exchange between the Sarcina and Asia Gianese

Between the two there would have been an innocent exchange of pleasantries and a question of Sarcina about the age of the young. Learned that he had 21 years, the leader of The Vibrations would be dampened: “I have the double. I know that they are too large. That sucks”. He would raise Asia: “But it is not so much. The important thing is not the age but not seem so”. A few minutes later the answer: “Ah sure, so it’s an invitation? Give me the number”. The chat posted by Asia thus ending. It is not clear which was the epilogue of the conversation. Posting the screen on Instagram, the Gianese wrote: “This is one of the many lords, or husbands, that I tampinano every day on Instagram”.

Clizia Incorvaia meet the alleged former lover of Sarcina

In the course of the last installment of the Live – it is Not the D’urso went on the air, Clizia Incorvaia, former wife of Sarcina, had a confrontation with Grace Sepe, the woman who claims to have been the lover of Sarcina at the time of the bond with Hazel. “I have been with Francesco Sarcina for 4 years, but I was not his lover. He has always treated me like I was his woman. If in 4 years I have been with your husband and you not you noticed, something is there below,” said the woman to the former competitor of Big Brother Vip, encasing the hard replica of the blonde influencers:

You got married by chance? Have you made a second marriage in the meantime? I’ll tell you what: I have already forgiven you because you’re not a mother and do not know what it means to fight to keep a family together when there are problems of a couple and your daughter asks you the “kiss of the eternal love,” to dad with tears. I hope that you won’t get a companion of this type that makes you what has been done to me! You’re giving a message that is totally wrong. I am horny and mazziata but you do not you can afford to judge my life. You are one of many, I can send the chat. You’re really worth. You’re a great rude. He had billions of lovers. I can’t speak with a person. You can’t judge my life, I was home and do the mother. I get up and I go, you are here because of me. Luckily there are to whom I’m giving it a little shine.