Audrey Lamy : the touching messages from his fans after the loss of her baby

Audrey Lamy announced through a press release having lost the baby she was expecting with her companion Thomas Sabatier. A new one, which has caused a sharp emotion of his community.

In this day of Valentine’s day, Audrey Lamy, more than ever, need love. This Thursday, the 13th of February, the actress 38-year-old revealed in a statement sent to the AFP to have lost the baby she was expecting with his beloved Thomas Sabatier : “The actress Audrey Lamy and his companion, who were waiting for their second child, lost the baby. Very affected by this tragedy, Audrey Lamy does not want to speak on this subject and asks that the media please respect his grief, his pain and that of his family “. In this painful period, the sister of Alexandra Lamy can, however, count on the overwhelming amount of support from his followers, many of whom have sent their condolences and strength in the comments on Instagram.

Fans of Audrey Lamy present for her

There is no doubt that his few words, as minor as they may be, must give balm to the heart to the mother of little Leo, affected by the loss of her child. When some just “Strength and courage” and ” condolences “, the other ones go a little further in the messages, in particular the women of the past as she by the drama of a life : “I am a mamyange for almost two years, how to survive after the loss of her baby ? The love of all your loved ones will be essential to overcome such an ordeal “, we read. Another also recounted his painful experience : “I can only understand this pain that is horrible which overwhelms you, the anger, the misunderstanding. […] Support-you are both very strong. […] Do you help psychologically, I assure you that it helps a lot. And then, let it do the time, there was only him, cicatrisera the wound “. A comment appears, however, among the other : “Not the word… love ! “. It sometimes takes a bit to summarize the essential…

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