Aurelia Hospitalization: L’amour est dans le Pré Star Reveals All on Her Hospitalization


Aurélia de L’amour’s Health Issue

In early March 2023, Aurélia de L’amour was in the field and took to her Instagram account to reveal to her fans that doctors “had found a problem” with her. Now that she is feeling better, she is finally breaking her silence. She reveals everything that happened on the day of the drama but also the reaction of her children to their very sick mother.

The Day of the Drama

You revealed on Instagram that you had been the victim of a health issue. What happened? I take very few holidays because I work a lot. I finally took a holiday to go to Morocco with my children and, on the way back, when I got off the plane in Lyon I had very bad stomach ache and I never managed to get home. I tried to take Spasfon [antispasmodic. It fights against abnormal and painful contractions of the intestine, bile ducts … ed] but it didn’t pass. I stopped at the first motorway rest area to lie down and I called the firefighters who took me to the hospital. They thought I had a problem with my gallbladder because it is recurrent in my family and it is quite genetic but it was not that. After other tests everything was fine, I think I had a virus that attacked my digestive and immune system, the liver test was very bad.

The Reaction of the Children

How was your stay in the hospital? They took blood tests and exams but since the pain had gone and I had no infection they let me out. For a month I was very tired with stomach ache. It was very complicated to do my daily work and the fact that I have two children that I raise alone. I also have to take care of my cottages, my animals. In the spring we have a lot of work! I found myself having to do everything at the same time while I was not healthy. So, I’m thinking about making some changes in my activity, taking more time for myself, slowing down some things. I tell myself that if I had this it was not for nothing because my children were with me and they had nothing. If I caught this it was because my immune system was no longer doing its job. My doctor told me it might be a sign to take it easy. I’ve been working like crazy for 20 years. You have an 8-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old son, how did they react? It was very traumatic for my daughter on the motorway because she didn’t understand what had happened. The police came to take care of the children, the firemen too and she was saying that her mom was going to die. It was very hard for her at first and then, when she saw that I had less pain and that I was coming home, she calmed down. My son was stronger because he quickly understood that I was not in danger.


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