Aurora public the number of mom Michelle, the Hunziker: “I had to change it after 25 years”

There was nothing to do, poor Michelle Hunziker, after being bombed, messages, mms, voice, selfie, calls, and who more has of it more puts of it), has necessarily had to change his phone number. She tells herself in a funny video he posted on his profile on Facebook, where with his unshakeable sense of irony, tells the story in detail.

The story of Michelle Hunziker

One fine morning, the showgirl and alarm clock, as it requires the routine of the holiday, she was busy preparing to enjoy the beautiful sea of Sardinia. Suddenly, a suspicious call is ringing his cell phone: to call are two girls who, for the first thing, ensure to speak with the Winner, then, immediately after the make it a part of what had happened only a few minutes before their call. Well, his daughter Aurora, without doing it on purpose he posted on his profile Instagram the phone number of the mother.

So begins the story of Michelle Hunziker, that, between a laugh and a tone markedly sarcastic, reels off everything that he had to suffer in this sultry weekend in the summer, after this harmless prank. A nothing is served the appeal on the social, both from Aurora Ramazzotti that of his poor ‘victim’, so they stopped calling her, because apparently there was nothing to do. The fans have continued undeterred in their activities, transforming the mobile phone of the Hunziker in a real switchboard.

The threat to publish the number of Aurora

The wife of Tomaso Trussardi continues the story, with his great regret, he admits he had to do something that was not in 25 years, or change her phone number and. always with a smile on his lips, sharing with her fans this absurd adventure:

The two days were tragicomic. The phone has not stopped ringing. I could not even do a stories. I found that in the groups Whatsapp grilled and training all over Italy. The first thing I must thank you for all the affection. I have read all the messages, but I could not answer because the phone was unusable. I put it in airplane mode, but in the end I was forced to do something that I had never done in 25 years, change the phone number. However I can tell you one thing? Who gives a shit, are things that can happen, in the era of social so it can happen.

Of course a small reminder to the author unintentionally this whole adventure could not miss, in fact, the Winner ends the video by addressing to the daughter, in a tone wickedly ironic and telling: “Aury prepared, sooner or later, I will post your number on all of my stories, the revenge is a cold dish, hello hello”. As always, Michelle Hunziker has proven once again to know how to take these little setbacks with the right dose of irony, at the bottom you have received the affection from hundreds of fans must have been beautiful, grilled to part.