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Samuel Peron bride Tania Bambaci: “Wedding in 2021, and to say that we were going to leave us”

Samuel Peron is ready to marry his girlfriend Tania Bambaci. This was announced by the dancer in an interview to the weekly Ofmore. The two convoleranno wedding in the summer of 2021. The decision after a period of crisis, which threatened to separate them forever: “Now it is as if we had a new relationship. And now we want to consecrate them, and marrying and starting families”.

Who is Michèle Rubirola, the first woman to become mayor of Marseille ?

Michèle Rubirola has been elected as the mayor of Marseille on Saturday 4 July. Ecologist and medical doctor in the popular districts of the city, it was the successor to Jean-Claude Gauvin, becoming the first woman...

David and Victoria Beckham, 21 years of marriage with their words

The former footballer and the former Posh Spice are celebrating the anniversary with dedications cross: "Four children, four dogs, lots of laughter and I love you more each day". Story of a couple who has never listened to the voices

PHOTO Leïla Bekhti publishes a photo folder of Tahar Rahim for his birthday

Saturday, July 4, Tahar Rahim celebrated his 39 years. An anniversary that his wife Leïla Bekhti celebrated with a photo folder, hilarious actor....

Stefano De Martino in Naples is likely to cross-Belén Rodriguez, the guest of Gian Maria Antinolfi

Stefano De Martino and Belén Rodriguez, both of Naples, even if for different reasons, were on the verge of crossing each other. While the conductor Made in the South was at Palazzo Petrucci to celebrate the birthday of the colleague, Fatima Trotta, the ex-wife was a guest at the party organized by Gian Maria Antinolfi at circolo Rari Nantes of Naples. We are only 10 minutes of road between the two locations chosen for the festivities. Although distant emotionally, Belén and Stefano have shared for some time the same portion of the sky.

VIDEO nagui (French speacker) is trying to arrange a coup between two single candidates

Saturday, July 4, in All the world wants to take its place, nagui (French speacker) has played the cupidons in trying to bring together two single candidates....

Alexandra Rosenfled wounded : the operation that it cannot escape

This July 3, Alexandra Rosenfeld announced on his account Instagram that she would soon have surgery on his injured wrist. An important operation for the former Miss France became a professor of...

Anna Tatangelo change the music and it makes the blonde: “With Gigi D’alessio? We are in good relations”

Anna Tatangelo has experienced months of enormous change, in music, in look and in private life, as is well known. The singer, in fact, he has just released his new single, Guapo, with Geolier. But for her – who in the meantime has made blonde – has also changed life after the separation from D'alessio with which she has remained on good terms.