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Scrubs, lips diy, three recipes for them beautiful in the summer

With the lip balm form one of the pairs beauty more solid skincare routine. Smoothes, plumps, and, depending on the ingredients,, leaves lips super hydrated. The advice of the herbalist to make it at home

Naples, summit Gattuso: meets today ADL to Capri for renewal and market

Just a two week break and then everyone back on the field. After the ko Barcelona, Napoli began their period of vacation, to detach.

Antonio Banderas turns 60: the timeless beauty from latin lover

Beautiful, beautiful and invincible with your black eyes and your mouth to kiss". Dedicated with the heart of Antonio Banderas that will blow 60 candles on the 10th of August, but it remains the sexy chico latino, of which many (including the writer) who are still madly in love

Chiara Valerio: “We want to lightness”

This is the conclusion arrived a writer, after various paths in search of good HUMOR. That has found, unexpectedly, in the care of the body

INFO HERE – Emmanuel Macron shirtless and jet skiing : those pleasures which he never breech on vacation

Emmanuel and Bridget Macron have taken advantage of their summer break to invest the Fort of Brégançon. It is here, on the Mediterranean, that the president of the Republic is granted with always the same small...

INFO HERE – Emmanuel and Bridget Macron on vacation : who accompanies them to have a good time ?

The summer residence of Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron is the happiness of the whole family. The presidential couple took advantage of this summer break to relax with his family....

The horoscope of the week from 7 to 13 August 2020, the sign star is Cancer

This week the sign star is Cancer. Like Josh Holloway born July 20, 1969, you're an emotional who knows how to listen, advise, motivate any person who turns to you. And if you...

This week in Here : tanned and in top form, Emmanuel and Bridget Macron enjoy their holidays

There are several days, Emmanuel and Bridget Macron leave the Elysee palace to the Fort de Brégançon, on the heights of Bormes-les-Mimosas. A lovely interlude during which the...