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Bianca Guaccero too lean? The photo silences everyone: “big Butt and small breasts, happy as well”

The presenter of 'Said and Done' has posted a photo that highlights his side b to replicate to the reviews about his alleged excessive thinness

Bella and Gigi Hadid, games sisters

The models continue to Greece on holiday, and shows himself more and more united. "Best friends from the moment you caught me in the arm in the delivery room", the dedication of the minor

Nina Senicar is pregnant, the former castaway Island of the Famous will be a mother for the first time

The model, actress and showgirl Serbian, known for having worked a lot in Italy and for its relations with Marco Borriello and Ezio Greggio, living in Los Angeles for years. Now reads, " between cinema and tv, and is happy next to fellow american Jay Ellis: the couple is expecting first child.

Lucas Peracchi: “Mercedesz Henger left me for a month”. But you said ‘I love you’ 4 days ago

After months of crisis and an endless game of back and forth, seems to be over between the tronista of Men and Women and the castaway Island of the Famous. But something is wrong: he claims to have been left behind by a month, yet only a few days ago the two were exchanging tender messages of love on Instagram.

Surgical intervention for Brigitte Macron

The nature of the transaction remains 'top secret', but the French media are on the alert in an attempt to discover early any 'ritocchini'

Valentina Dallari is told in the book “I never liked: ‘I have so much anxiety”

The former Men and Women to present his book. From the title “I never liked it”, one can easily guess that the book will be also, and above all her problems with anorexia, suffered some time ago and was forced to a hospital stay of about eight months. The book will be officially released at the end of September.

Eros Ramazzotti and Marica Pellegrinelli celebrate the daughter Raffaela

Less than a month after news of their separation, about the social the singer and the model have devoted hold words to their eldest daughter on the occasion of his birthday

From the pregnancy of Kylie Jenner twins Clooney: the “secret” the best kept vip

Despite the need for sharing compulsive, there are stars who manage to hold on to their privacy (in some cases). Over all, the youngest of the Kardashian, Elisabetta Canalis (with his daughter Skyler), George and Amal Clooney, and Ed Sheeran, tied the wedding in secret