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Eleonora Pedron confesses: “I have met the love on the train”

Guest: "True, the showgirl is about the love story with colleague Fabio Troiano. And the ex-Max Biaggi: "The will always love you"

PHOTO Benjamin Castaldi : his tender declaration to his wife Dawn

Benjamin Castaldi has posted a picture touching his couple on Instagram, accompanied by a beautiful message of love to his girlfriend Aurore Aleman. The columnist of a Button not in my position would...

Meghan Markle finally ready to speak up : this interview that she is preparing in the greatest secrecy

At the heart of the news of the british royal family, the media outlets of prince Harry and Meghan Markle are rare. Except that the latter would be expected to give an interview,...

PHOTO Iris Mittenaere celebrates its 27 years : the kiss very romantic of her lover, Diego El Glaoui

On Friday, January 24, Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui have celebrated their birthdays at the restaurant. A moment incredibly festive, enhanced by the wonderful kiss that Diego gave to her beautiful...

Caroline Receveur severely criticised on Twitter after his appearance at the NBA game in Paris

For the first time, an NBA game has been relocated to France. Around the floor, many celebrities adorned the stands. Among the audience of stars, the presence of Caroline Receveu...

Michela Magalli, the daughter of Giancarlo, after the accident of the father: “A piece of spaghetti, and pass the fear”

The incident had by Giancarlo Magalli yesterday afternoon, aboard his Smart white on the Cassia bis, before the exit Formello, Rome, and has scared a lot also her daughter Michela Magalli. The girl, known influencer of Instagram, has used this social photo to immortalize dad recovered from the fright with a nice pot of spaghetti sauce: “Here all of the good, spaghetti and pass the fear.

The Crown : this scene from “cruel” of the series that prince Philip was not loved

The series the Crown depicts the history of the queen Elizabeth II and the royal family, since her coronation in 1953. If the program tries to be faithful to the reality, there is a scene that the p...

Kate Middleton, already queen at Buckingham Palace, and the other gossip of the week

From Megxit, increasingly at the center of the gossip, the reunion of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, who have made dream the nostalgic to the SAG Awards 2020, until the gossip columns in italy. All the stories of the week