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Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes: the first “I love You” social

The singer confirms the love affair with the colleague, with a dedication to social, arrived on the occasion of the 21st birthday of him. The love, born of working together with the single Señorita, it's official. And the fans already call them "Shawmila"

Giulia De Lellis, and best wishes to Andrea Iannone: “Every day you make me fall in love with something”

Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Iannone are a couple of all the effects, including the most talks of this hot summer 2019, and when they announced their story does not stop appearing together. On the occasion of the 30th birthday of the rider, the former suitor of Men and Women and the current influencers of the web, writes a very sweet dedication on Instagram, in which he opens his heart entirely.

“Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper for lunch at Panarea”, but from the restaurant deny: “She was not there”

The restaurant Da Pina, that would have been the backdrop to a romantic lunch at Panarea between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, confirmation to the Fanpage.it is the presence of the star of hollywood for lunch on the 6th August last year but denies it was with the famous pop star: “it Was a table for 14 people. With Cooper, there were Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. Lady Gaga wasn't there”.

Massimo Boldi after breaking up with the girlfriend: “I Would like a woman that does not need advertising”

The actor 74enne has confided in him his desire to find a woman who is next for the rest of his life, despite recent disappointments

Emily Ratajkowski with the armpits not depilated, the cover is feminist: “The right to choose”

Emily Ratajkowski embraces the statement made by feminist armpits not depilated, cleared years ago by Madonna, Harper's Bazaar US. Is a strong trigger through which the model claims the right of every woman to choose for herself, starting from the image to communicate to the outside world.

Mennoia and Jack Vanore, Teresa Cilia: “Already during the throne, hidden between an external and the other”

Teresa Cilia accusation Raffaella Mennoia suggesting that the author of Men and Women have already bonded with the tronista Jack Vanore, her ex-boyfriend, at the time of his throne: “to Pretend sincerity, but gives no example. Like when she became engaged to and between an external and the other one there was she hid it.”

Giulia Measure and Pierluigi Gollini they got back together: “She is giving you another chance”

Between Giulia See and Pierluigi Gollini would be back to the serene, or nearly so. As he writes in the weekly magazine Chi, the lead singer of the duo Le Donatella decided to forgive her ex-boyfriend and give another chance to their relationship. Between the two was over after the Big Brother Vip. Never revealed the reasons of the breakup.

Mark Caltagirone, Valeria Marini: “I Think Pamela Prati, we have also tried with me”

Valeria Marini remained close to Pamela Meadows after the scandal of Mark Caltagirone. The two former “enemy-loved” comment on the tsunami that hit on the waist and on the reputation of the sardinian showgirl, finished in the eye of the storm for having arranged the marriage with a man non-existent. But the ex-girlfriend of Vittorio Cecchi Gori has a certainty of: “The I think, those people have tried with me”.