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Clarissa Marchese and Federico Gregucci reveal the name of her daughter: “You will call Arya”

Clarissa Marchese and Federico Gregucci prepare to become parents. Soon, in fact, be born their first-born. In the evening of today, Thursday, January 2, was held on the classic baby shower during which they unveiled the name chosen for the little girl. The small, which should be born in about two months, it will be called Arya.

Katy Perry reveals how Orlando Bloom has helped her to combat her depression

It was during an interview for the indian version of Vogue magazine that Katy Perry has made a few revelations about her relationship. It explains in particular how Orlando Bloom has helped her to comb...

PHOTO NCIS Investigative special : the actor Wilmer Valderrama is betrothed to Amanda Pacheco

This is a nice surprise in the beginning of the year 2020 ! It is through Instagram that Wilmer Valderrama has unveiled the stunning new. The actor asked for the hand of his girlfriend, Amanda Pacheco....

Nabilla : it melts completely in front of Milann, which does not want to make her nap

This Thursday, January 2, Nabilla has unveiled a video touching her baby. When the young woman tries to fall asleep, Milann, this last fight against the sleep and melts his mom....

Platinette slimmed, ‘lost 30 kg in 6 months: the menu and what’s eating Mauro Coruzzi

Incredible but true: Platinette is lost 30 pounds in six months thanks to a strict diet and doing a lot of physical movement.

Robbie Williams : the salary is mind-blowing pocketed by the singer in 2018

Robbie Williams does not have that song on in life and it is so much the better for him. His company, You're not famous, has made him touch a sacred mint in 2018....

Delphine Wespiser : the former Miss France poses in the simplest device !

News People. To wish a happy new year to his fans, Delphine Wespiser was shown without fireworks and... without clothes. Attention, it is very hot.

PHOTOS Carla Bruni in a bikini : it reveals his good resolutions, for 2020 and loose

Carla Bruni has decided to make good resolutions for the year 2020. It has, therefore, sought the advice of its users, while appearing very sexy in a small bikini....