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Linkin Park : 50% of the royalties of the rock group will be donated to the ex-wife of Chester Bennington

The ex-wife of Chester Bennington, deceased lead singer of the band Linkin Park, will now be 50% of the royalties.

Bazzani, former of the Island: “I lost my sight after a fight with a migrant illegal”

Viviana Bazzani, former contestant of”the Island of the famous 5”, reminiscent of the circumstances in connection with which, at the end of the 90's, lost the sight in his left eye following a scuffle with a man. Former police officer, the woman would have been assaulted: “I Remember as if it was yesterday that tragic and cold night that I had ruined the life of losing for ever is entirely the view of my left eye after a scuffle with a migrant Albanian immigrant while I was with the steering wheel controls.”

Miley Cyrus ready to marry again ? A suitor tries his luck !

Not one to mope around, Miley Cyrus ironisé on his failed marriage with one user on Instagram. Nice !

Eleonora Abbagnato leaves the Opera and goes ‘retired’: “So I’ll be closer to my sick mother”

After 28 years the star of palermo leaves the Paris Opera, to return to Italy permanently. "When you got sick I could not go to Sicily to help her, but returning to Rome we can bring, it is my duty, now that our roles are reversed"

Eleonora Abbagnato leaves the Paris Opera: “I will stay close to my mother, was very bad”

After 28 years in Paris, Eleonora Abbagnato announces his farewell to the paris Opera. The etoile Italian most admired in the world will return to live in Italy to stay close to the mother suffering from a chronic form of leukemia: “When you got sick I could not go to Sicily to help her, but returning to Rome we can bring, it is my duty, now that our roles are reversed”.

The yacht Marc Anthony, the ex of Jennifer Lopez, ravaged by the flames

On the night of Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 December, a massive fire has ravaged the yacht Marc Anthony, stationed off the coast of the city of Miami. The crew has been evacuated by the firefighters...

PHOTOS Sarah Martins in a wedding dress, she panics her fans on Instagram

The contestants of reality tv have long since understood that the best way to keep a community of fans alert and happy, was to reveal a great deal to say the least. It does not f...

Françoise Hardy in the hospital ? His relatives give his new

According to France Dimanche, Françoise Hardy would have been hospitalized recently. Information that come from reacting to his loved ones, while giving its new....