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No return with Angela need feeding, the new flame of Mattia Marciano is Viktorija Mihaijlovic

The former tronista of Men and Women after having denied the rumors about a possible rapprochement with Angela need feeding, that circulated in these days, was spotted by the weekly magazine Chi, in the company of Viktorija Mihaijlovic, the daughter of the coach of Bologna, which is to be dating for at least a month.

Barbara D’urso post photos in the costume of the young man: “We make a jump in the past”

Barbara D'urso is one of the characters of the tv more active on social, video, selfie photo and behind-the-scenes not hesitate to share many moments with his fans. Among the many photos posted on his profile on Instagram, there are some that portray several years ago, when it was little more than a girl who moved his first steps into the television.

Fabrizio Colic de “Colic” reveals on Instagram: “I met the most handsome man in the world”

Fabrizio Colic actor and author duo of “Colic”, which is famous on the web and on tv thanks to the participation in some tv programs, such as Peking Express, and Never Say Talk, has declared on Instagram that you have found the love. In a long post has presented to his fans the person who has filled his life, whose name is Giacomo Visconti.

Valentina Vignali: “More than 13 pounds after the Big Brother, never had all this weight to lose”

Valentina Vignali confesses that after the Big Brother she found herself having to lose about 13 pounds, 10 of which accumulated in the course of participation in the reality tv show of Canale 5. “Never had all this weight to lose,” said the basketball player and influencer who, thanks to a training program tightened, it has managed already to throw down half of the accumulated weight.

Cristiano Malgioglio in Supervivientes quarrels with Violeta Mangriñan, flame of Fabio Colloricchio

Cristiano Malgioglio is among the most well known faces on our television, but its presence has also been requested by the Spanish neighbours who have invited in the program Supervivientes. The singer-songwriter went into the studio to support her friend Isabel Pantoja, a contestant who has had to abandon the reality for health problems, but he found himself at the centre of a dispute with Violeta Mangrinan, the new flame of Fabio Colloricchio.

Serena williams: “my ex has tried to get in my house, calls aimed at driving me crazy”

Serena williams accuses her ex-boyfriend have made life difficult. The actress says that the man in question, the phones at various times of the day, to the point of forcing it to turn off the cell phone to not be bothered: “since I concluded my story with this man, this was the result along with other things bleak and devoid of all restraint”.

Amber Lombardo: “I Respect Tina Cipollati, I hope that one day we will become good friends”

The current girlfriend of Kikò Nalli speaks to the weekly Ofmore of soria started the Big Brother with the ex-husband of Tina Cipollati. Who admits they have never known, but to estimate a lot for his temperament and his personality: “I still don't know, but I know that is a great mother, and respect you”.

Veronica Ruggeri, Piero Barone come out of the closet, together at the concert Last

Veronica Ruggeri de Hyenas and Piero Barone of Il Volo come out of the closet. The sent, and the tenor participated in the concert, which is Last held at the Olympic Stadium on the 4th of July. Finally, obvious from the stories posted by the women on the social that document the ongoing relationship with the singer.