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The accident to the daughter of Francesco Facchinetti: “You fall on the stairs, we we’re scared”

Small crash without consequences for the small-Liv, the daughter of Francesco Facchinetti and Wilma Faissol. The former “captain” has told about the happened on the social: “You fall of the face on the stairs and there we are frightened. Fortunately, right now is fine.” To take care of her were the little sisters of My own, and Charlotte.

Clear need feeding: “When we wash our teeth, drink of water,” then against the journalists: “fucking”

A new video in response to allegations of Clear need feeding that have rocked the web. After you stated not to drink the water for two years, the social influencers back and point the finger: “it is Not true that I don't drink water for two years, if only we think of when brushing your teeth, drink it automatically”. And about journalists: “dickheads, do you think to write stuff series”.

Elodie Di Patrizi kisses Marracash, the photo formalizes the flirtation in progress

The weekly magazine Chi has published photos of the kiss between Elodie Di Patrizi, and Marracash. The shot, obtained during a boxing match, speaks clearly: the two artists are experiencing a flirt in the light of the sun. Galeotta the hit Margarita which they have collaborated. Just in that occasion it would have blossomed love.

Jordan Mazzocchi in Formentera with Rachele Risaliti, the former Miss Italy “betrays” with a video

Jordan Mazzocchi, a former companion of Nilufar Addati, is spending the holidays in Formentera, along with another beautiful woman: this is Rachele Risaliti, "Miss Italy" in 2016. It is the former beauty queen to the “mzab”, posting in the network, a movie that offers a glimpse of its former suitor of Men and Women.

Ilary Blasi leaves the GF Vip: “uncomfortable in front of private facts, another, there would dabbled”

Ilary Blasi formalizes the decision to leave the conduct of the Big Brother Vip. Interviewed by the weekly magazine Chi, passes the baton to Alfonso Signorini and makes known the reasons that led you to not accept to lead the reality show for the fourth consecutive year: “I like to laugh, are uncomfortable in dealing with the personal affairs of the competitors.”

She married the showgirl Susanna Petrone: the photos of the wedding vip to Positano

The showgirl neapolitan has married her boyfriend Marco Cipriano with a solemn ceremony and a party super to Positano. Among the invited Aida Yespica, Carolina Marconi, Natalia Bush. The former of Davide Lippi and Rossano Rubicondi, in the past, he did speak to an alleged flirt with Marco Borriello, never confirmed.

Pamela Prati show tattoo dedicated to Mark Caltagirone, disappeared in the photos posted on social

The weekly magazine Novella 2000, he published photos of the tattoo that Pamela Meadows has dedicated to Mark Caltagirone. The design on the side is peeping out from the bikini of the showgirl, then disappears in the last photo posted on Instagram. He proceeded to delete it or the maid is posting old photos?

Giovanni Conversano you dress and reveals: “After the Men and Women I was depressed, the tv didn’t want me more”

Participated in the 2007/08 season of Men and Women: today is a successful entrepreneur and is happy next to his partner Giada Pezzaioli, with which they soon convolerà wedding. After UeD, however, the end of the fame brought him to the brink of depression: “When I'm gone from the television, the problems started”.