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Kim Kardashian flies in Armenia to baptize his children, but there is no Kanye West

Kim Kardashian is back to talk about itself. The influencer is visited in Armenia, his home Country, with her children who must be baptized. To accompany it there is the husband Kaney Wesr, but the big sister Kourtney. The american star, shows up in great shape, after the latest news, worrying about his health.

Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone and strove for Lady Diana at a dinner organized by Elton John

In her autobiography, written by Elton John, entitled “Me”, the singer tells a story in which the protagonist Lady Diana. The princess during a dinner organized by the well-known singer seems to have been the object of attention from two major faces of american cinema, Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone, who would have disputed his company throughout the evening.

Giulia De Lellis: “Never read a book? It was a joke. And writing has always been a passion”

It was just a joke: this is the last shot of the tail of the always amazing Giulia de Lellis, young influencers of the roman, full of resources. The former partner of Andrea Damante announces that she had lied in the state years ago not to have almost never read a book. “Just a joke” he explains, and even ups the stakes: “I Kept a diary from the small, I always had the passion to write”.

Nancy Coppola in the hospital for a surgery: “A gastric band, to return to like it”

The singer neomelodica, made known on the small screen with his participation at the Island of the Famous, has explained to have been in hospital for a small operation to lose weight after two pregnancies: “Not giudicatemi if I don't lose weight with diet and herbal teas”.

Gabriel Garko, the truth about “the wedding secret”, and on the relationship with Gabriele Rossi

Guest On Sunday, the actor spoke about his private life and that ring that to many it seemed a sign of the wedding that took place in great secrecy

Nick Carter publishes the first photos of her daughter: “it Is wonderful and in health”

Nick Carter, former member of the Backstreet Boys has published the first pictures along with his second daughter. The singer posted on his social the image of the son just born that tightening the finger: “The little girl of dad,” he wrote accompanying the photo of the second daughter: “it Is the most beautiful gift”.

James Middleton, a sapphire, to ask for the hand to Alizee Thevenet (who said “yes”)

Wedding with a view in house Middleton: after Kate and Pippa, one of the most coveted bachelor of Great Britain goes to a party with Alizee Thevenet, 29-year-old frenchman at his side for a year. Make them known, She, the cocker spaniel of him. It will not be a royal wedding, but certainly will not go unnoticed

Amber Lombardo: “I rebuilt the breast because it was too lean, I have lost weight because of a violent love”

The former gieffina explained he has undergone surgery for a breast augmentation. A decision taken following a period of high stress experienced prior to participation in the GF and the relationship with Kikò Nalli: “The breast was emptied because of a strong weight loss, I have been a little good as a result of maltreatment in the home.”