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Sara Affi Fella: “Francesco Fedato has saved me. I would like to participate in the ‘Big Brother’”

Sara Affi Fella he is told on the pages of ‘New Tv’. The former tronista of ‘Men and Women’ is back to talk about the scandal that has overwhelmed when he participated in the program of Maria De Filippi. Also, she confided that the love for the attacker of Trapani Francesco Fedato has saved it.

Selena Gomez leaves Instagram: “I’ll Take a break from the social, have become unhealthy for the young”

The singer has confessed in an interview to want a period of abstinence from Instagram, where it is followed by 152 million people: “Even though I am grateful for the voice which will give to each one of us are equally grateful to be able to take a step back and live real life”. But has simply deleted the app from his smartphone.

Ornella Muti convicted of attempted aggravated fraud and false, and 6 months of imprisonment and a fine of

The actress you dispute the facts dating back to 2010, when it canceled a show at the Teatro Verdi in Pordenone, saying he was sick, while he was at a gala dinner in Russia, where there were also the Russian president Vladimir Putin and actor Kevin Costner.

Jacopo Zenga and Clara Milazzo are married, there will also be daddy Walter to the wedding

Jacopo Zenga will stay in the hot Palermo with an event organized by Mary Macchiarella, one of the wedding planners most followed and appreciated of Sicily. The place of the reception is absolutely top secret, while the religious ceremony will be celebrated at the church of Santa Maria La Nova.

Meghan truman gates guest editor for Vogue Uk, penned an article, but without appearing on the cover

Meghan truman gates could go back to writing sooner than expected. The wife of Harry of England would have agreed to sign an opinion article that should be published in the September issue of Vogue Uk, with the shoot. The Duchess of Sussex would have refused the cover.

Donatella Rettore: “Alessandra Amoroso should start studying again, sings too much of the nose”

The singer has it all in an interview I Read, with critical heavy to the Alessandra Amoroso, Fabio Fazio and Loredana Bertè, without forgetting its competitor to “Now or never”, Donatella Milani, with which the break is reached well before the end of the television program.

Piero Barone and Veronica Ruggeri, bursts the flirting between the content and the sent de Le Iene

The pages of the weekly magazine Chi, brought to light a possible new love story, that between the tenor of the famous trio of The Flight and the journalist of The Hyenas, Veronia Ruggeri. Both veterans from the two stories that important, him with the daughter of the coach, Massimiliano Allegri, her colleague Stefano Corti, it seems that now they are beginning to date, although the social is not appeared again, nothing official, at least for now.

Bianca Atzei with Stefano Corti: “I’m happy again”

One of the most highly praised artists of the last few years is definitely Bianca Atzei. After her love story with Max Biaggi, finished abruptly, the beautiful singer seems to have found again the love. Has been seen many times, in fact, in the company of the journalist of the Hyenas, Stephen Short, and now appear also the first of dedications, and stories on social media profiles.