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Nicole Mazzocato out with Thomas Teffah, the man who has taken the place of Fabio Colloricchio

Nicole Mazzocato has officially Thomas Teffah, the man who took the place that was Fabio Colloricchio. The former suitors of Men and Women, today's influencers, has published on the social the first photo, which sees her posing next to his new boyfriend. And in the caption wrote: “There is only one form of happiness: to love and to be loved.”

Britney Spears furious with the paparazzi: “Change the photo, it seems that I weight 20 pounds more”

Britney Spears is taking a vacation to Miami in the company of her boyfriend Sam Asghari. The singer is trying to regain his equilibrium and serenity after a difficult period. To upset you, however, think of the paparazzi. Britney Spears is furious after seeing photos that, he said, would have been retouched to make it look more in the flesh.

Martina Nasoni wins the Gf-16, the first words: “I Am extra happy, thanks to all”

After the announcement of his victory, Martina Nasoni has found the time to thank the thousands of viewers who were inspired to vote for her, allowing her to win Big Brother 16. With a simple selfie on Instagram before going to sleep, “the girl with the heart of tin” is said to be delighted with the result.