Diletta Leotta at the restaurant with Daniel, Julie, with them there is also Gigi D’alessio

Diletta Leotta and Daniele Scardina continue to be photographed together. Although none of the two is exhibited in this regard, the complicity seems to be to the stars. The sports journalist and boxer were paparazzati from the weekly magazine Chi, but this time with them there was also a character completely unexpected: Gigi D'alessio.

Alessandro Greco and Beatrice Bocci: “We have remained chaste for 3 years after a trip to Medjugorje”

Guests of Eleonora Daniele at the Italian Stories, Alexander the Greek and his wife, Beatrice Bocci have made known an original of their couple's life: the choice to remain chaste. To 13 years from their first encounter, years after the birth of their son, they decided to abandon the sex life after a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. “Choice gained in the context of conversion, we have met Christ,” they explained.

Giordana Angi moved to ‘Sunday’, speaks of the sister: “he protects Me from everything”

Between the two there are 9 years of difference, but their has always been a very strong bond

Chiara Ferragni: “A guy I photographed in the airplane while I slept, then closed in the bathroom”

Curious misadventure for the fashion blogger, sprint in the Usa for the premiere of Chiara Ferragni – Unposted. In the airplane trip to New York, " says Chiara, “A guy about fifty, I photographed while I was asleep. A friend of mine has chased and he hid in the bathroom. But you can make it?”.

Frost between Aurora Ramazzotti and Marica Pellegrinelli: the episode ‘indicted’ in Milan

The tension would break out after the farewell of Marica Eros, the father of Aurora, which occurred in July. Here is the behind the scenes work

Gemma Galgani: “With Juan Luis Cyan a lightning strike, I hope it’s not like George Manetti”

The lady of the Throne Over Men and Women seems to be excited about the new friendship with Juan Luis, the knight of venezuelan origins, which shoulder has a past, very painful, and marked by grief: “Really a beautiful person, always available, ironic. I hope you will not make me suffer like George.”

The tears of the queen (and all the other stories of the weekend)

Elizabeth II is moved during the ceremony, on the balcony between Camilla and Kate Middleton. And Meghan where it was? And then the appointment of the Last, the question Chef Rubio, the birthday of Ellen Pompeo. The gossip of the finesetttimana that (maybe) you missed

Also Mietta among the vips who have suffered from panic attacks

The singer tells True: "The first time it happened in 12 years. Perhaps because of my hypersensitivity"