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VIDEO Jesse Eisenberg : the funny reason why he did NOT win the best actor Oscar

Invited on the set of C to you, Friday, 21 February, Jesse Eisenberg spoke about his role in The Social Network and its Oscar nomination for his interpretation of Mark Zuckerberg. An Oscar that...

Alessandra Ambrosio heats up Instagram in revealing her divine curves

If winter is synonymous with rain and cold, the top model Alessandra Ambrosio warms us up by showing once again sexy as ever on Instagram, to launch a new collection of...

Cindy Crawford more and more worried for the mental health of her son Presley

Cindy Crawford, more and more worried for her son Presley. The former top model is looking for a specialist, who will be able to save his child....

Koh-Lanta 2020 : Claudia, forced to leave because of an injury !

This Friday, 21 February, TF1 gave the kick-off to the new season of Koh-Lanta. No luck for Claudia, just one day after the beginning of the adventure, she twisted the ankle....

Celine Dion : this moving tribute engraved on the funerary urn of his mother, Teresa

The funeral of Thérèse Dion, mother of Céline Dion, were held Thursday, February 20 in Montreal. The children and grandchildren of the family were obliged to send him a attendriss...

The geek De Benedetti, and the pupa Martina Mary have a great time together after the program

The program Italia1 led by Paolo Ruffini, The Pupa and the Geek, and vice Versa, it is concluded that much, but some friendships were born in that context seem to be still vivid. Demonstrates the shot, published by John Tobia De Benedetti, the geek latin lover, who enjoys, together with the pupa Martina Mary in a roman trattoria.

The message on the bus and embarrass prince Andrew, who was involved in a scandal, child trafficking

Embarrassment for the british royal family because of a school bus stationed in front of Buckingham Palace who calls you to account for prince Andrew for his involvement in the investigation concerning Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire who died in prison in 2019, with the culprit in a story of international traffic in children and child sexual abuse.

The ex-husband of Pamela Anderson is ready to remarry, the actress: “Disappointed and betrayed”

The story would have all the hallmarks to be the plot of a soap opera. They reunited after 30-year-olds, and they decided to get married on the beaches of Malibu. Pamela Anderson and the american producer Jon Peters leave 12 days later. The rumors speak of him as a man possessive and manipulative, but Peters denies: the actress wanted to marry him only to get to pay 200 thousand dollars in debt. Now back with former girlfriend, actress 34-year-old Julia Faye West, who had left to marry the former lifeguard, his forbidden dream forever.