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Jerry Calà laughed at by a representative of the Pd, the son of the actor: “I want You even more good”

The son of the actor, Johnny, intervenes on his page Facebook, commenting on the words of Anna Rita Leonardi, representative in calabria of the Pd that had defined Calà “subspecies of comedian failed”. The boy, 16, at first defended his father, telling him of wanting to even more good for that attack. Then he added: “I don't want to make a political speech, I am concerned to live in a country where those who are supposed to represent democracy are not even capable of sustaining a comparison with the civilian”.

New accusations of Johnny Depp’s ex wife Amber Heard: “I stubbed out a cigarette on the face”

The actor has sued the ex-wife telling a fact that it would take place in 2015, following a quarrel between them. A witness to the violent gesture of the woman who would be turned off on the face of Depp cigarette, the photos published by the website The Blast, which sees Depp lying on a cot in the hospital with an obvious sign on the face.

Karina Cascella fatten up according to the hater: “So push girls to become anorexic”

The face of his physical dream, the columnist and in the television has received yet another negative comment on the part of some followers who accused him of having put on extra pounds. She is not, and so responds: “I'm fine with myself, but there are girls who so are in danger of becoming anorexic”.

Alessio Campoli: “I feel taken for a ride by Angela need feeding. An ambiguous situation with Kevin Bonifazi”

The suitor of Men and Women reveals his version of the facts about premature breakage by Angela need feeding. Their story never took off: “we were Not alone.” If initially has defended it from criticism, the relationship between her and Kevin Bonifazi gave him a lot of doubts: “Because you have been sincere in the last 4 months of training?”.

Men and Women, the truth of Manuel after the farewell to julia: “She was seen with another”

Interviewed by Raffaella Mennoia, the former suitor accused of having betrayed the tronista, has provided a completely different version of the facts

Belen is pregnant? The photo of the belly suspicion

The weekly People public the shots that show a roundness, great for the slender physique of the showgirl: who is really in sweet anticipation of a little brother or a little sister on the way to Santiago?

Prince Harry as Lady Diana, on a visit to the children’s hospital Sheffield conquers all

Prince Harry, at a distance of thirty years from the visit of Lady Diana, has visited the children's Hospital in Sheffield where he met with doctors, patients and academics for the inauguration of a new area of the health facility. As it happened for the Princess of Wales, the Duke of Sussex was greeted with enthusiasm from all the team at the hospital, who did not hide the emotion in remembering it.

Luca Barbareschi: “my children, I have removed the inheritance because I have given them so much already”

Luca Barbareschi, host of the show in the afternoon, conducted by Pierluigi Diaco said you have removed the inheritance to all his six sons, explaining the reasons that led him to this decision: “to Have had the privilege of three passports, they can work in the entire Mercosur, the United States and in Italy. Have studied in the best schools, I gave them something that no one has”.