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Belen as Emma mentions that Bella without a soul after the end of the story with Stefano De Martino

Confirmed the crisis and the separation between Belen and Stefano De Martino, the two continue to make the front pages of the tabloids, not least the voices of an alleged relationship between the dancer and Alessia Marcuzzi, denied his own from Stefano. Belen, meanwhile, has posted a quote of “Beautiful soul” and fans have immediately thought of when Emma was dedicated to her.

Stefano De Martino: “A relationship with Alessia Marcuzzi? All fake”

According to Dagospia Belén Rodriguez would have discovered "an affair" between her husband and the presenter. But De Martino is quick to refute via Instagram: "Just a fake news. If I fall in love, I want to say"

Stefano De Martino: “The relationship with Alessia Marcuzzi is a fake news, if I fall in love I say it to you”

According to Dagospia, Belén Rodriguez would have discovered an affair between Stefano De Martino and Alessia Marcuzzi. The conductor Made in the South intervened on Instagram to deny flatly this gossip.

“Belen has discovered an affair between Stefano De Martino, Alessia Marcuzzi”

The indiscretion - not confirmed by the parties concerned - has been launched by the site Dagospia in the aftermath of the crisis between the showgirl argentina and the dancer neapolitan

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